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The short answer is YES! It does work, but you have to actually DO the work. 

Cold calling isn’t dead, but it takes some work to get it right.  The pay off is BIG though!

With cold calling today, you’ve got a bank of people on the phones, all following the same script. It doesn’t matter who they’re calling, every prospect receives the same treatment.

This may have worked in the 70s and 80s when a wealth of information wasn’t available at the click of a button. In fact, people were so desperate for accurate information, that a call from a highly-trained salesman armed with all the answers could prove a godsend.

But imagine if you received a cold call now, for a product like micro-blading.  Even if, for some reason, you needed micro-blading, the likelihood of you saying “yes” straight away is slim to none. Why? Because you know nothing about this person or the company he/she represents. They ’ve surprised you with a phone call without letting you do your own research. You may be put off by their medieval methods, you may not be entirely convinced by their offer but, either way, you’re definitely going to put their quote through a comparison website before you consider signing any contracts. The most significant difference between now and the 70s is now you have the freedom to choose.

So, for a successful cold call, you have to do your research and really hone your offer.

It sounds obvious, but so many people pick up the phone with no strategy in mind and just “hope for the best”.

You don’t need to spend hours online and prepare a brand new script for each company. Just have enough inside knowledge to tailor your offer for their needs.

Directors get a ton of these calls every day, and something as simple as knowing their name shows you’re not just another cold caller blindly following a script.

The next step to a successful cold call is to exude confidence. You need to be assertive and get to the point. There’s nothing worse than fumbling over your words on the phone or slowly ascending up to the offer because, to a director, time is money. State what you’re offering straight away. That allows the prospect to say yes or no, which leads me to…

Tenacity. It’s essential to be tenacious with these kinds of calls and resist the temptation to walk away at the first hurdle. Remember, times have changed, and it’s likely the prospect will say “no” immediately, whether your offer is of interest or not.

So, when someone says “no, I’m not interested,” don’t leave it there. Ask them an open-ended question (one they can’t reply with merely a positive or negative) and get them talking. Make sure you listen carefully and, if they offer any clue towards what they want, tailor your offer to suit their needs and steer the conversation back into your favor.

Based on my experience, cold calling really does work. At ProspectBoss, we offer many different options for prospecting. Calls, emails, text and video messages, ringless messages, and calls are by far the most effective for the initial contact.  All the others are fantastic for follow ups and staying in touch.  

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