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At first glance EspressoAgent and seem to offer close to the same features however the small but important none the less details set these two products apart. While EspressoAgent offers many fine features you are getting much less for a more costly product. SalesDialers offers dialer products from 1-4 lines with prices ranging from $79 to $149 a month per seat; while EspressoAgent offers only a 1 line dialer for $159 a month. For more features between the two, check out the chart below.

Import Leads – Excel Yes Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes
Agent Management Yes No
Emails Yes Yes
Auto Drip Emails Yes Yes
Email Blasts Yes Yes
SMS/MMS Text Messaging Yes No
# of Lines 1, 2, 3 or 4 1
Live Video Calling Yes No
Analytics Yes Yes
Real-Time Leads Post Yes Yes
Pre-Recorded Messages for Answering Machines Yes Yes
Time Zone Protection Yes No
Change Caller ID Yes Yes
Record Phone Calls Yes Yes
Social Media Integration Yes Yes
Facebook Leads Push Yes No
Manager Live Call Monitoring Yes No
Inbound Calls and Voicemail Yes No
Transfer Live Calls Yes No
On-Screen Call Scripts Yes No
Dynamic Call Scripts Yes No
Set-up with Any computer, Any Where Yes Yes
Mac Compatable Yes No
Technical Support? Unlimited Technical Support, via Phone, Live Chat, and Email Unlimited
Contracts? No, Month to Month No, Month to Month
Cost – Monthly $79 to $149 Per Seat $159 Dollars a Month

The PowerDialer CRM is’s multi line dialer. Customer’s have the option to choose from 1, 3 or 4 line dialers.

Some of the most popular features of the dialer include:

  • Call Recording
  • Call Tracking
  • Hot List
  • Built-in Email System
  • Video recorder for Emails and MMS
  • Video Calling
  • Facebook Leads Push
  • Round Robin
  • SMS Marketing**
  • Email Marketing
  • Local Presence
  • Call Analytics/Reporting
  • Manager Call Monitoring, Whisper, & Barge
  • On-Screen Script with Dynamic Call Scripts
  • Call Transfer (Internal and External)
  • WebRTC and Click-to-Call

The pricing for dialers range from $79 per month to $129 per month, with no contracts. **Some features are add-ons and may cost extra.

To view more features about the dialer CRM, click here.

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