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New Feature: Manager Campaign

Feature Release: Manager Campaign

We have officially gone live with Manager Campaign for all customers. This will be our first phase of introducing Round Robin into the PowerDialer CRM. Managers can create campaign and assign to his reporting agents. 

Steps to Create and Manage Campaigns:

Menu to Creating Manager Campaign

  1. Login as Manager
  2. Click Create Campaign under Calling Campaign
  3. Campaign can be assigned to Multiple Agents
  4. Campaign creation process is same
  5. Manager cannot Edit the created campaign but can Delete
  6. Manager can view the campaign setting by clicking the Eye Icon
  7. Agent can Edit the manager campaign but cannot Delete
  8. If Manger Delete’s the campaign it will be deleted for the associated agent
  9. Common tag is added to manager campaigns
  10. Manager campaign will be shown in orange color in folder menu


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If extra support is needed to create these campaigns please contact our Support at 1-800-662-4009 EXT 3.

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