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Cold calls are not something that should be feared.

Think about this: 
It’s psychological – think about something bigger than you before making the call (example: if you have kids and you want to be a hero in their eyes it’s easier to realize there’s nothing someone can say on the other end of the phone that should be an obstacle or if you don’t have kids maybe you have a vision board in front of you showing a place you want to visit)
More psychology – imagine you’re calling a friend and putting a smile on your face before making the call.
Know that the call should be quick – the goal is to sell a “meeting” and that’s it. (You want a listing – the best chance will be seeing the client virtually or in-person rather than over the phone)

3 things to think about as a formula to achieve on the call

1) Build rapport quickly – If you’re saying “I’m “your name” with “brokerage name”” as one of the first things out your mouth, the other person will most likely want to hang up on you before you even share anything else.
2) Evoke emotion – make it about them and not you. What do they NEED? Solve that problem for them.
3) Call to action – they need to DO something, give them the options.

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