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Searching for the best way to showcase your market while also driving traffic to your real estate website? Writing neighborhood profile pages is the way to go! Neighborhood profile pages are an excellent lead generator as it’s a way to incorporate keyword-rich search terms into your website to help in getting better rankings. They also build your credibility and reveal you as a market leader who truly knows the area.

Looking for ideas on what to write about? Take these suggestions into consideration:

Overall Profile:

Cover the neighborhood and write about what makes the neighborhood appealing, e.g. parks, schools, views, affordability, history, peaceful atmosphere, small community, culture, University, etc.


A very helpful neighborhood information would be the local demographics such as the population, climate, unemployment figures, etc. in that neighborhood. You can get such statistics at your local government office or credible websites that offer such information.

Market Data:

Include basic information on the average cost of homes in the neighborhood. This will give site visitors an idea of what homes are usually sold for in the neighborhood. For example, you may write that homes in that neighborhood usually range from $250,000 – $500,000.

Real Estate Key Words

For SEO purposes, use popular keyword phrases. Get your profiles to the top of search results by using keywords that site visitors will use when finding homes for sale. For example, a neighborhood profile featuring Parkview should have keywords such as Parkview Homes for Sale, Parkview Real Estate, Homes for Sale in Parkview, Parkview Luxury Homes, Parkview Estates, Parkview Horse Property, etc.

Stick to 2-3 keyword phrases, utilizing them in the title, body, description and meta tags. Let it flow naturally and avoid overloading the neighborhood profile with too many keywords or search engines will have a problem figuring out what the page is about.

Informative Maps:

Adding maps is another great way of offering more graphical information. If you can, include a map showing the neighborhood in relationship to other places such as the beach, ski resorts, downtown, shopping, etc. that your audience may or may not know about. This is a great way of giving your audience another perspective. Google Maps is a good source for mapping. You can also use UMapper to generate an interactive map that you can add to your page.

Add Photos:

Photos of homes, landmarks, and hot spots will give your audience a better idea of the neighborhood. Consider using not just images of local homes, but also, hot spots such as beaches, ski resorts, shopping centers, etc. We recommend using The NextGen Gallery plugin which can help you create a stylish photo gallery of images.


Ask the residents of the area what they love about it! Add a photo to give it a personal touch.

Don’t underestimate the importance of writing neighborhood profiles. They are one of the best things you can write about as a great way to prove your knowledge of the area, increase your visibility in search engines and keep visitors coming back, as you continuously provide fresh content that relates to the area.

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