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Medicare Agent Training – Turning 65 Leads

Understanding Turning 65 Leads

The secret to building a huge base of Medicare Supplement clients is helping seniors compare options before they turn 65. Proactive insurance agents can cement themselves as Medicare experts by getting in front of T65 beneficiaries first and educating them about their Medicare options before they ever enroll. Working with T65 clients also puts agents in position to explain that Medicare doesn’t cover long term care expenses – but a long term care insurance policy can. These T65 leads have the potential to double as long term care leads when you cross sell, potentially doubling your commissions.

Where Can I get Turning 65 Leads?

Often times insurance agents to not have the quantity of leads needed. offers a solution called SalesDataList. SalesDataList allows you to pull targeted leads for Turning 65 leads. It even allows you to scrub your search against the DNC so you stay compliant.

The T65 age group is a high value demographic.  By the time they are eligible to enroll in Medicare most have been exposed to promotions and advertisements for at least a year.  In order to generate and convert leads you will want to contact them as quickly as possible. There are many tools to help contact leads faster. offers 1, 3 and 4 line options so you can choose how many numbers to dial at once. Insurance is a numbers game, the more people you talk to, the more pitches you get out. The more pitches, the more clients you get.

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