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Medicare Agent Training – Ultimate Calling Guide

Calling for sales is still a great way to nurture prospects through all stages of sales. However, to most people calling prospects isn’t the easiest thing to do. Our goal is to give you the best tools and practices to use for calling those prospects so you can focus on what matters, making a client.

How to Make the Best Out Of Calls:

  • Use Scripts for Guidance – Scripts are a great way to keep your ideas and conversation moving. However you want to be sure not to read directly from a script, this make you sound disconnected and robotic. Instead use the scripts as a conversation map. If you want to learn more about scripts and how to use them, read our blog dedicated to scripts.
  •  Call At the Right Times – Did you know that there are specific days and times to call to get the most answers? Wednesday and Thursday are the best days while the best times to call at either between 8am-9am or 4pm to 5pm.
  • Track Progress – The biggest step is to track your progress. Notate your successes and failures and learn from them. For example, you can A/B test your calls. Come up with two different scripts and give half of prospects one version and the other half the other version. You’ll soon find out which wording works best.  Don’t be afraid to adjust!

Best Tools for Calling:

  • Dialer Software – One of the best tools to start using to call prospects is a dialer. Dialers allow you to call more prospects than you would with just manual dialing. With we offer 1, 3 and 4 line options so you can choose how many numbers to dial at once. Insurance is a numbers game, the more people you talk to, the more pitches you get out. The more pitches, the more clients you get.
  • Lead Data – Often times insurance agents to not have the quantity of leads needed. offers a solution called SalesDataList. SalesDataList allows you to pull targeted leads for any medicare market, including T65, Final Expense and Med Supplement. It even allows you to scrub your search against the DNC so you stay compliant.

Want to learn more about our calling and lead solutions? For more information about our dialer CRM solution, click here. For more information about our medicare lead product, click here.


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