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On episode 11 of the, Senior Agent Training podcast, Christopher Westfall interviewed a guest agent from Florida. Joe in Florida has been consistently signing up 20 seniors a month using some of the Medicare Agent training techniques. Many listeners of the webinar had questions for the successful agent which Westfall asked Joe to answer during the interview.

Christopher Westfall opened the interview with a quick overview “For $79 a month he has unlimited access to talking to seniors across the country. Picked the states, scripts, and company from our website and is getting rich slow by building a business helping people.”

Westfall then addressed Joe “What advice would you give yourself 6 months ago”
Joe replied “It’s all about effort; I put it all to work ethic, there’s no easy path. It’s a numbers game like anything in sales.”

Westfall asks “You’re using the predictive dialer right? If you don’t mind some technical questions, how many lines or how many calls do you get out a day?”

Joe responded to Westfall by saying “Sales Dialers. Because the data is so good because the contacts are so high, I actually lowered it to 2-3 lines at a time. Because I feel like if I have too many lines going, people may answer but I’m unable to speak”

Westfall then asked “Are you using the data from Salesdialers?”
“Yes I am. In the beginning when I first uploaded it, there were a lot of contacts I had to sort through in the beginning of the list after a short while, I got some great data and leads. It got very accurate.”

Joe continued to say “It’s wonderful, I can’t say anything bad about the dialer or the data. It’s great. It’s hard to keep track, but If I had to guess I’d say I make about 200-300 and actually hold a conversation with about 10-20% of those prospects.”

You can listen to the full interview by clicking on the podcast below or view the full podcast on

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