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How many people do you know that still have a landline?  I know a total of zero… so it stands to reason that you probably don’t know very many either. Maybe 1 or 2 but that’s likely the extent of it.  


People are holding on to their cell phone numbers for much longer periods now than even just a few years ago since porting numbers has become so easy.  


When prospecting, are you seeking out mobile numbers to call? Mobile phone number data can be found in a variety of places, but today we are going to talk about getting it through ProspectBoss.  


Unlimited Use of Mobile Phone Data!  Check it out here


For one flat monthly fee, you’ll have access to the entire mobile numbers database. Simply choose the zip codes you want to target, and your customized list will be available to begin your campaign.


In an age when people are using mobile phones more and landlines less, this mobile phone data resource is an opportunity to recapture your market and expand your reach to the people who matter the most for your business. 



ProspectBoss Team

We cater to Real Estate & Insurance agents but love seeing clients from all industries using our solution successfully.  From lead generation and tracking, to CRM and data resources, we’ve got the solution for all your prospecting needs. 

Call our Sales team at 800-662-4009 or send us an email at

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