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SalesDialers Achievement and Ranking feature now Live!

Great for bragging rights with your peers and friends.

Use for inner office contests and incentives.

Be proud of your success and let others know.

– We have Weekly Achievements and Monthly Rankings based on 3 categories.
– In the settings page the user has an option to choose their industry and connect/Sync to their social network,
– Users have 2 options for postings: Auto post results on Friday (weekly) and Post today’s results.
– Users also have a progress bar to show them how close they are at to earning these achievements/rankings

Categories and Star system:

# of calls made
200 calls = 1 star
400 calls = 2 stars
600 calls = 3 stars
800 calls = 4 stars
1000 calls = 5 stars

# of appointments
2 appts = 1 star
4 appts = 2 stars
6 appts = 3 stars
8 appts = 4 stars
10 appts = 5 stars

Leads / Persons talked to ratio
10% = 1 stars
20% = 2 stars
30% = 3 stars
40% = 4 stars
50% = 5 stars

Example of what a weekly post would say:
Joe Smith earned a 3 star ranking for making 600 sales calls this week in Real Estate using
When posting the monthly rankings per client industry: Real Estate, Insurance, Other
Top 15 producers
First Name, Last Initial

1. Start using this feature by clicking on the dialer settings (tab icon looks like cogs)

2. Connect the social media account(s) of your choice: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

3.  Select 1 of 2 options for postings: Auto post results on Friday (weekly) and Post today’s results.

4. The dialer will also tell you how close you are to reaching each achievement.

If you wish not to use this feature,  all you have to do is not connect with your social media accounts.

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