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Predictive Dialers vs Automatic Dialers

As business has changed, so has the way we communicate with prospects. Time management is key and dialing numbers by hand is no longer effective. We’ve all heard that sales is a numbers game. The more numbers you call, the more people you talk to, the more sales you can make. This is where auto-dialers come in, though not all auto-dialers are created equally. Predictive dialers and power dialers fill the effectiveness gap by dialing numbers automatically. They have a lot in common, but there are also some pretty significant differences. Let’s look at how these two types of dialing stack up. 

What they have in common:

  • Dial multiple phone numbers at once.
  • Live agent speaking rather than a pre-recorded message.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity while prospecting.

This is pretty much where the similarities end though. So how are they different?


Predictive Dialing:

Predictive dialing is essentially AI-based. It learns through a series of algorithms that determine averages to calculate how many numbers to dial at once based on an average number of calls answered by a person vs calls not answered. 

These numbers are dialed before there is a single agent available. The idea is to cut out all down-time. No waiting while calls are ringing, or leaving voicemails. It also means no time for an agent to prepare before taking a call. Since this type of system runs on averages, we all know that often times, averages are not the same as reality. This could potentially result in calls not being picked up by an agent at all. 

The voicemail detection technology is still fairly flawed as well. Since predictive dialers use algorithms to study pauses in the line or opening phrases to detect a voicemail, it may hang up on live prospects categorizing them as voicemail incorrectly. 

Also, predictive dialers have become the center of legal debates as of late. Be aware of the calling laws in your area as some countries consider auto-dialing illegal. 

Power Dialing:

Power dialing is much more… well, predictable. Numbers are dialed from a list, and another call will not begin until the previous call is complete. Power dialers generally allow you to see the contact information for the prospect before they answer the phone, so you can greet them with their name and make a more personal connection with them. 

Power dialers that are integrated with a CRM or have one built-in, allow you to have more control and flexibility as well.  An agent can pause the queue so that they may disposition the call and enter detailed notes, store prospect information, and set reminders for callbacks, just to name a few. 

While a power dialer does fall shy of absolute efficiency, it is the ideal system for those wanting to be more efficient in their calling while still maintaining a personal touch with their prospects. 

Where to go from here:

Dialing software has grown and changed over the years and people in businesses just like yours are learning how advantageous it can be to have a helping hand in efficiency and time management.

Power dialers are a great way to increase efficiency, make more connections, and increase sales all while keeping a personal connection with your customers. 


Written by the ProspectBoss Team

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