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Successful cold calling requires preparation. Roger Staubach said “spectacular achievements are always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” He was referring to sports; however, the same holds true for cold calling.

Successful cold calling requires practice. Athletes practice every day without fail. Tiger Woods practices his swing even though he’s well known for the success he has achieved in the world of golf. Cold calling requires practicing the skills necessary to get through the gate keeper, engage the prospect in a conversation and qualify the opportunity.

Cold calling requires repetition of the skills necessary to achieve success. Michael Jordan practices his shot although he has long been known for his skill in the world of basketball.

These athletes have realized spectacular achievements. However, those achievements were preceded by unspectacular preparation. The same holds true in preparing for successful cold calling. There were no fans cheering when Tiger practiced his swing or Michael practiced his shot. These two athletes are focused on their game and on winning and understand that, in order to achieve those goals, they must practice and prepare.

Cold calling is considered by many to be unspectacular. Most sales people don’t want to do it and many even fear picking up the phone to make a cold call. However, cold calling, when done correctly is an art – an art that is perfected by preparation. A successful cold call is a spectacular achievement – one that requires unspectacular preparation.

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