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Rebranding takes a lot of work, planning, and time.  We love the changes that rebranding from SalesDialers to ProspectBoss has brought and we are continuing to improve and innovate to bring you the very best we can offer.  Rebranding our CRM Dialer has brought about other changes as well though.  Our SalesDataList is now known as Prospect SDL.  And since we offer many different levels of that product, we wanted to show you the new names and features that each level offers. 

  • All levels come with unlimited downloads so you can filter, search, and pull as much data as you need to without fearing that you are going over limits or having to pay extra.   The only limitation on pulling data is that a maximum of 2 IP addresses are permitted. 
  • All levels also come with accessibility to our Interactive T65 Map.  More on this below. 


The Levels:

The levels offered are Prospect Basic, Prospect Plus, and Prospect Pro.  And we also offer standalone DNC scrubbing as well so that you know you are staying in compliance with calling laws for the Federal Do Not Call list.   

One of the many features available is the Interactive T65 Map.  This is included in every Prospect SDL package so no matter what level you get, you will be able to put this awesome feature to good use.  

State-wide search which is available in the Prospect Plus and Pro levels, allows you to pull data by an entire state! No zip code searches there! 

And our Prospect Pro package gives you access to the Mobile Numbers data so that you have a better chance of getting in touch with people, you can text them, send them video messages, etc.  This opens up a world of possibilities!  

The Pro package also gives you access to our Reverse Lookup feature.  Now, this is a little different than what you might think of when you hear reverse lookup.  Say you have a name and location but you want the phone number for a prospect.  You can enter a single line or upload a list, and Reverse Lookup will get you the contact information for those prospects.  

We hope that you find these tools to be valuable assets to your prospecting plan!

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