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It is said that anything worth doing is worth doing right.  And here at ProspectBoss, our goal is to do just that.  We are constantly viewing feedback from our customers and improving our platform so that it makes your prospecting life easier.  

With that being said, we wanted to let you know that we have rolled out our new Tasks feature.  This is a simple, yet game-changing section that will make it so much faster and easier to work through your day.  

It is located on your dashboard and is attached to each contact.  So if you need to call Kelly Smith back, you simply click on her name and then call her.  Then when you are finished with Kelly, move on John Jones.  This will really help streamline the things you need to get done and make your prospecting easier and faster than ever before.  

To set up a task, you will simply click Create Appointment, enter the required information for the task you are setting up, choose the date and time that you need to complete it, and then click Done.  It’s that easy.  

Need more help?  Contact our technical support team at 800-662-4009 ext 3.  We are always happy to help you prospect… like a boss.

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