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When it comes to prospecting tactics for real estate agents, there is a conventional procedure, and there are extra outside-the-box efforts. You know what? Successful real estate agents pursue both. This means completing daily standard tasks such as calling expired listings, reaching out to property owners and doing the extra things that will stand you out in the digital world, such as content marketing and personal branding. By taking a disciplined, activity-based approach coupled with tracking your efforts, your new real estate career will bloom much faster than taking a scattershot approach.

Reach Out to Your Network Regularly

It is important to regularly reach out to your sphere of influence to stay on the top of their mind. Family and friends is a good place to start; they are the easiest to do business with. Let people know you’re a real estate agent. This will help with referrals. It is however not a one-time event; you want to stay on top of their mind. I suggest sending messages on social media platforms, texting, and calling. Tracking your efforts with a CRM will help you measure your progress. Never stop after a single attempt. Most people aren’t going to give you a referral immediately or the first time you ask them for one.

Engage in SEO & content marketing

It is important for you as a real estate agent to choose a niche in the market and become an expert in that niche whether you’re focusing on multi-unit properties or first-time home buyers. Now think of putting together regular blog posts or making “how-to” videos to build your brand while sharing your knowledge with the world. Effective content marketing tactics include Blog posts, How-to videos, and Social media memes. Cold calls don’t work as well as they use to. With content marketing, you can get three to four new leads every day which would continue long after you’ve stopped because contents are permanently on the internet except removed. Remember to track your results with web analytics.

Be the Data Nerd for Your Area

As in other industries, in-depth knowledge is powerful in real estate. Both sellers and buyers respect agents who are knowledgeable about industry trends, policies and economic outlooks for a particular area. Everyone respects people who know things they don’t know. Concentrate on a particular area, get as many statistics as you can and study it in-depth. Understand issues like zoning, schools and new building in that particular area. Each time a prospect asks you, ‘How is the market?’ Your knowledge of the statistics will come handy, and you will answer in an intelligent way. They will always remember that!

Focus on Securing First Appointments

Forget about the closings you will be attending soon. The key thing is to land your first appointment. This should be your key performance indicator. This is the pipeline sales activity that is most likely to lead to the closings of your dreams. Most real estate agents will win close 30-50% of the clients they meet with on a first appointment.

Get Involved in Your Community

Successful real estate agents are passionate about their community. Getting involved greatly helps to know the area better and in meeting prospects. People prefer buying from people they know and like. Volunteer your time to serve on boards and be fully integrated into the community. One of your major sales tactics as an agent is getting to know a lot of people. Participate in school, church and volleyball events. Don’t miss a single chamber meeting.

Connecting with your community in a significant way to organically grow your network and referrals is a key sales tactic — as well as a great way to live.

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