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SalesDialers prides itself in being on the cutting edge of lead generation and delivering the best possible products, services and support to our customers.
And although we can’t claim the credit for inventing Ringless Voicemail Message technology, we are among countless other companies offering this cutting edge technology to anyone from sales professionals and churches to politicians and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
Ringless Message technology has been around for over ten years and it is a GAMECHANGER when it comes to generating leads.  Here are a few facts:
Ringless Voicemail Technology is 100% compliant and legal under FTC, FCC and TCPA law.  In short- it deliveries a voice mail message directly to cell phone servers, not the cell phone, and there is never a call logged in the phone bill.  Petitions are currently being submitted by numerous providers, Fortune 500 organizations and the Republic National Committee to formally legitify said Ringless Voicemail Technology and there are many endorsements from organizations like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Here is a small sampling of resources detailing the same:
A simple Google Search of “Is ringless voicemail legal” will yield a plethora of websites and similar companies offering the same Ringless Voicemail Message technology supporting the same conclusions. 
Phone Statistics
·      In 2015, 92% of Americans used a mobile phone.
·      68% of adults have a smartphone.
·      Voicemail can reportedly have as high as a 96% listen rate versus a 15% connect rate to live prospects.
·      Your response rate can be increased by as much as 80%.
·      TCPA lawsuits have increased about 30% per year, many of which are class action suits, and none of which involve Ringless Voicemail Technology.
Ringless Voicemail Benefits
·      Recipients can listen to your message at their convenience.
·      It’s functional providing personalization of recordings, ease of use and a customizable caller ID for the ringless voicemail drops.
·      Price per delivery typically goes down with increased volume.
·      Potential to decrease marketing costs i.e. direct mail, telemarketing, etc.
·      Stand out among other agents and organizations competing for the same business.
·      Drive your prospects, leads and customers to your online website and social media presence to increase traffic to those venues.
·      Companies can insure uniformity and effective messages can be tested and delivered to obtain predictable results.
·      Increased ROI on labor and resource purchases.
·      An increase in bound screened leads.
·      The subscribers’ phone does not ring and is not billed for a call.
·      Ideal for financial institutions, governments, schools, real estate services, healthcare organizations, property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance including the senior market, nonprofits, healthcare organizations among many other industries.
Best Practices
Don’t get us wrong, you should still be diligent and responsible with your Ringless Voicemail Message (just like any other marketing method) meaning scrub your names against the Do Not Call List, call during regulated hours and ensure the content of your message is compliant and professional among other things.
The fact of the matter is that if Ringless Voicemail technology were illegal every company offering such a service, including the inventors Stratics Networks, would not be offering said product.  Many companies would be out of business and there would be lawsuit after lawsuit… and this is simply not happening.

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