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Call centers have unique needs when it comes to dialing software.  It can’t just be your basic phone line that you can call out on. But there aren’t a whole lot of companies that offer dialers for call centers. That’s where comes in. We know what features you need and we’ve got them. Our features will maximize efficiency as well as your connections.  Our Power Dialer CRM is the perfect solution to optimize your inbound and outbound calls. 

Power Dialer CRM

We realize that there are many different skill levels. This is why we offer a 1, 3, or 4 line dialer solution, perfect for beginners just getting started out on the phone and the pros that have been doing this forever. Our Power Dialer CRM is the perfect platform to manage all your leads. You can set drip email campaigns, add call back reminders to the calendar, keep detailed notes on each prospect, and even send them text messages. You can even receive texts through the system so when prospects text you back, you can see those right in the system. 


  • Call Transfer: You can transfer a call to any other number or to a closer account
  • Call Monitoring: Supervisor can listen, whisper, or barge into a call
  • Call Recording
  • Built in Web Phone & CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Round Robin: All agents can call from same list
  • Local Presence: Local phone number shows on caller ID

The Power Dialer CRM is also scalable. If you are a startup with 3 agents making calls or you’ve got hundreds of agents, the Power Dialer CRM can handle any size team. We offer the flexibility to customize each dialer seat to suit that agents skill and comfort level which gives them the opportunity to become better at what they do.


Of course, no calls can be made if you don’t have any data. You can either upload your own lists to the system or you can use ours. 

Sales Data List

This is our extensive database where you can filter results by almost any criteria.  Income, family size, zip code, state. These are just a few of the search options for the database. It is massive! Keep in mind though that the more specific you are in your criteria, the fewer results you will get. By the same token, if you are too vague in your criteria, you will get a lot of results but the quality will be lower.  This data is then saved as a CSV file and uploaded into the Power Dialer CRM. We even offer the ability to scrub lists against the Federal DNC database. 

Customer Service

We have live technical support agents available to help if you have any problems! You can call, email, or chat. We are always happy to help.

We also have training videos and webinars so agents can teach themselves how to become better at using the software.  

Complete Package

When you look at all the different tools we offer to help your call center succeed, you can see that we are the complete package. And speaking of packages, we do offer bundle deals that will save you even more money on all the tools you need to make more connections. Come check it out!


Written by the Team

We cater to Real Estate & Insurance agents but love seeing clients from all industries using our solution successfully.  From lead generation and tracking to CRM and data resources, we’ve got the solution for all your dialing needs. 

Call our Sales team at 800-662-4009 or send us an email to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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