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Today we are announcing a new feature as well as a feature coming very soon to! We have recently implemented Instant Dial and will soon be releasing Unlimited Users.


Instant Dial:

Instand Dial will allow you to make a call from anywhere within the dialer. On the bottom right screen, you will have a green icon that you can click and type in any number to quickly call.






Once you have called your contact, you will be able to add them as a new contact as well as be added to their own campaign called “Instant Calls” from there you can move them to any campaign you need. While talking, agents can view/update the contact details, notes, and disposition the call.


Unlimited Users:

This feature will allow businesses and individuals to set up multiple logins for one agent account. This is perfect for employers who have many employees who call at different times but want a way to have separate logins and to manage all calls from each employee. This however, does not allow multiple people to use one account at the same time to call out.


For more information or technical support with the new features please reach out to our sales or tech department.

Sales: -or- 800-662-4009 ext 1

Tech: -or- 800-662-4009 ext 3

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