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Today released our newest feature to all customers within our dialer system, our Folder Based UI. With this new UI you will now be able to organize and review your campaigns with a simple click, drag and drop. You will also be able to create detailed folder systems for easy follow-ups and lead management. folder1


All of your current campaigns will be easily accessible through the folder system, you can simple open the folder and click on any campaign. The campaign will immediately load on the screen to start calling.

folder3The greatest feature this system has to offer is the ability to drag and drop any contact to any folder. For example, while calling you can disposition that lead to a folder specifically labeled “Follow Up – One Week”. This let’s you know that everyone in that folder needs to be contacted in one week, and the best part is you can set a reminder in our system to give them a call!

folder4We hope everyone enjoys this new and improved system. For our current and new customers we have created a quick tutorial for you or your team to get acquainted with the UI.

You can follow the link here -or- call our technical support team at 1-800-662-4009 ext 3 and they will gladly walk you through the new system.

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