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Yesterday marked the official release of the long awaited Transfer Call and Closer Account features for our dialer CRM solutions. Added to our dialer are 3 new interchangeable ways to transfer your leads: Closer Agent via Soft phone, Closer Agents via pre-configured phone numbers, or Call Transfer to Outside Phone numbers. Our Call Transfer option is free to any Plus or Max dialer customer. Closer Accounts will be needed to use transfer via softphone and transfer via pre-configured phone numbers; existing customers who have our Plus and Max dialers (Hourly or Unlimited) can contact to receive 2 FREE closer accounts per seat. And don’t worrying, non-existing customer who purchase our Plus or Max dialer (Hourly or Unlimited) also receive 2 FREE close accounts per seat. Lite dialer customers both hourly and unlimited can purchase closer accounts by clicking the link here.

With the closer accounts, many new features have been added, closer account can enter notes and disposition leads just like an agent account, calling agents can perform warm transfers between the closer agent and lead, and closer accounts can be assigned to specific or all campaigns. For more information about our closer accounts please download the below manual, if any other questions arise please call us at 1-800-662-4009 Ext 3.


Download the manual:

SalesDialers Call Transfer manual_v1

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