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Welcome to Prospect Boss! 

Prospect Boss is a powerful CRM Dialer platform built to take your prospecting to the next level.  Some of you might remember us as SalesDialers but with more CRM features than ever before, we changed our name to be more in line with what Prospect Boss can do for you!  What does Prospect Boss mean for you? Just how it sounds. We want to help you prospect… like a boss! Our new system is filled with valuable features that allow you to convert more leads and close more sales.

The change over from to Prospect Boss will take place the beginning of January, so you’ll be able to take advantage of all the cool new features just in time to start making your Q1 sales!  

It all starts with a fresh and vibrant new UI and UX of our platform to be more user friendly and for a more modern feel.  Things are laid out in an easy to use fashion with quick access to things you use the most. Who doesn’t like a redesign? I know I do!

We added many new features to our system. Let’s take a look at them!

New CRM Tools:

Hot List – this is a scoring system that allows you to see who your hottest leads are based on certain triggers 

PB Mail – you can now email leads directly through the system and all  correspondence is stored there so no more flipping back and forth between the platform and your email

Video Recorder – you can now record and upload videos inside PB

Video Mail – send videos via email through the PB mail system

Video MMS – send videos via MMS to mobile numbers

Facebook Leads – push your facebook leads directly into PB for easy follow-up


The dialer system got a facelift and a stand-out new feature of its own:

Call Script – use one of our scripts or upload your own and it will show right on your calling screen. 

This means no more having to look at a piece of paper or keep a document close by, your script is right in front of you on the screen.

But just because we’ve added a bunch of new stuff, doesn’t mean we’ve gotten rid of your favorites.  We still have all of our other features you know and love.

1,3, or 4 Line Dialing – dial up to 200 leads per hour

Round Robin – allows you to assign multiple agents to a single call list

Call Transfer – transfer calls to another number or a closer

Call Monitoring – allows a supervisor to monitor a call in progress

Call Recording – record calls for future reference

Local Presence – assigns a local caller ID to your calls

SMS –  send text messages to your leads

& WebRTC – no separate phone system needed, dial right from our system with one click

And don’t forget about our Data Products!

Agent Circle Prospecting – get homeowner data for a circle radius

FSBOs & Expireds – get homeowner data on For Sale By Owner listings and Expired listings

Mobile Data – this gives you mobile numbers based on your search criteria

Sales Data List – this gives you B2B or B2C phone numbers based on your search criteria

We are very excited to share our new system with you! 

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