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Although and Seize the Market Dialer have very similar features, the one thing that sets these two apart is the price. strives to offer an inexpensive dialing solution that is both feature rich and easy to use while offering the highest of quality service and Support to all of our customers. Here is a quick chart to show you the biggest differences between and Seize the Market Dialer.

Feature Seize The Market Dialer
Import Leads – Excel Yes Yes
Lead Management Yes Yes
Agent Management Yes Yes
Emails Yes Yes
Auto Drip Emails Yes Yes
Email Blasts Yes Yes
# of Lines 1, 2, 3 or 4 Up to 5 Lines
Analytics Yes Yes
Real-Time Leads Post Yes No
Pre-Recorded Messages for Answering Machines Yes Yes
Time Zone Protection Yes No
Change Caller ID Yes Yes
Record Phone Calls Yes Yes
Use Any Computer with Set-up Again Yes, Web Based Yes, Web Based
Technical Support? Unlimited Technical Support Unlimited Technical Support
Contracts? No, Month to Month Yes, 12 Month Contracts
Cost – Monthly $79 to $149 Per Seat $375 per Month for CRM Dialer per Seat.
Cost – Setup $0.00 $999.99

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