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What once started as an idea, has expanded from a small handful of customers to national saturation and expansion into Canada. And new markets require new solutions to meet customers’ needs. This is why a synergistic affiliation between SalesDialer and Telelisting is an ideal business partnership to help foster growth in Canada.

SalesDialers is a leader in cloud-based CRM dialer solution helping insurance agents, realtors and numerous other industries fill their lead pipeline and generate more sales.

Telelisting’s mission is to enable people and businesses of all sectors of activity realize their full sales and revenue potential by providing the best possible online sales leads generation software and unique mapping interface to target specific product demographics for sales and marketing professionals.

“Expansion into Canada wasn’t specifically targeted with our marketing efforts… it really just happened through word of mouth, informal referrals and of course our online presence” says Cory Prado National Sales Manager with “We’ve stumbled across an untapped realtor niche and other markets as some dialers don’t offer service in Canada and we plan on capitalizing on the Canadian market. A relationship with Telelisting is going to help give us an immediate established presence and the tools to expand our Canadian clientele.”

Realtors make up a large portion of both companies customer demographic although there are far fewer licensed realtors in Canada than in the United States. Regardless of the industry in which you sell, there will always be a need to generate and fill a lead pipeline efficiently and cost effectively and telesales is one of the best methods to do so. It’s not just about the mechanism you use to generate leads, it’s also about the information you use to do so. Telelisting provides an accurate “online lead generation phonebook” with millions of names searchable by an easy to use mapping interface as well as Do Not Call scrubbing and lead management.

Integration between SalesDialers and Telelisting just seems like the logical next step. Sales professionals get an affordable user-friendly software platform with both companies supported by free ongoing support and sales training.

More details on the platform: is a cloud-based Online Lead Generation Phonebook with integrated Do Not Call List and Mapping Solutions designed to give you accurate, unlimited phone numbers and household details.

– A web-based solution accessible from any computer.
– A user-friendly interface with search via address and mapping.
– Do Not Call scrubbing, a lead management system and lead integration with is also a web-based dialer CRM solution designed to help agents generate and nurture leads quickly and efficiently and keep their lead pipeline full.

– A cloud-based solution accessible from any computer.
– Provides both dialing and lead management including a calendar, email, call recording, FTC/FCC safeguards and numerous other features.
– Unlimited ongoing training and support as well as sales training.

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