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Regardless of your industry, sales is a profession that requires many skills including people skills, product knowledge and among other things the ability to know what to say and when to say it.
For some people this comes naturally and for others it’s a skill that requires honing through a large amount of work, study or coaching from an sales coach.  This is why SalesDialers has partnered with sales coach Pete Ekstrom, a lifelong sales professional himself and coach to countless others.
“Having been in sales for many years, I can appreciate the art of prospecting, settings appointments and asking for the sale,” says SalesDialers National Sales Manager Cory Prado “and we feel Pete can help our customers with some of these challenges.”
Pete and his company,, provide sales training to a variety of industries including financial institutions, insurance companies, realtors and many others.  His methods and products offered through provide insight into:
·      The Anatomy of a Call.
·      Closing the Sales Appointment.
·      Getting to the Right Person.
·      Leaving Messages.
·      The Follow-up Call.
·      And countless other topics.
“Reaching your sales prospect ‘live’ on the telephone is half the battle and SalesDialers takes care of that for you by putting you in direct contact with your sales prospects.  When it’s time to speak with your prospects, the Gold Call Script-Builder Kit helps you craft the simple dialogue it takes to close more new sales meetings with prospects to your calendar” says Pete Ekstrom, President and CEO of Dealbuilders, Inc.
SalesDialers prides itself on providing a turnkey solution for agents success including prospects to call, the means to contact them quickly, the ability to manage and nurture them efficiently and now… what to say and how to say it.  Sales Dialers and The Gold Call are perfect together for any sales professional regardless of your industry.
For more information about both SalesDialers and Pete Ekstrom: is your solution for understanding, learning and perfecting your craft and simply generating more leads and closing more sales. is a web-based dialer CRM solution designed to help agents generate and nurture leads quickly and efficiently and keep their lead pipeline full.
  • A cloud-based solution accessible from any computer.
  • Provides both dialing and lead management including a calendar, email, call recording, FTC/FCC safeguards and numerous other features.
  • Unlimited ongoing training and support as well as sales training.

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