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In order to remain a leader in the dialer arena, you have to listen to your customers, cater to their needs and embrace advances in technology.  And SalesDialers has done exactly this with the release of our new Responsive Design dialer interface.
With Responsive Design our users can optimize their browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page optimized for the device that is accessing the dialer.  You’ll see subtle differences depending on whether accessing from a laptop, tablet, etc.
For example, our home screen can now capture real-time information about your achievements i.e. Calls Made, Appointments Closed and Leads/Persons Talked to Ration.  Under Contacts you have real-time pertinent information without opening the contact like email address, lead status, phone number and notes.  While you’re dialing, you can edit and manage the contact of which you’re speaking on the fly without having to open different tabs, windows or scroll down. 
One of the biggest things that separates SalesDialers from other dialers is our simple and easy to use interface.  Let’s face it… whether you’re talking about TV remotes or cell phones if it’s not easy you’re likely not going to use it.  And we make dialing easy so our customers can focus more on growing their business and less on a lengthy learning curve.


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