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Interested in unlimited scrubbing your leads against the DNC for just $79? Click here to buy now.

The Do Not Call Registry was created to provide consumers a way to opt-out of unwanted marketing through telephones. It is very important as an individual to stay aware of laws and regulations when it comes to telemarketing to avoid hefty fines of up to $40,000. However, we know that this can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve created a better product, so you stay compliant while enjoying more qualified leads.

Introducing DNC scrubbing. Our consumer database includes a new way to search for leads while staying compliant. The DNC scrubbing feature allows you to scrub any searches in our consumer database and removes any numbers that are on the DNC List.

What is the DNC?

This DNC is the Do Not Call Registry, it is a database listing telephone numbers of individuals and families who have requested that telemarketers do not contact them.

How often is the DNC List updated?

The DNC is updated every month automatically, so you stay compliant.

What if I don’t want to scrub my search?

Scrubbing your searches against the DNC is optional. You can complete any search without scrubbing contact information against the DNC.

I have my own list; can I scrub it against the DNC?

Yes, we provide an option to scrub your own data against the DNC List. Pricing starts as low as $79/month.

Our goal is to provide DNC List scrubbing services to all sales individuals, telemarketers, and call centers. We’re here to take the headache out of complying with DNC regulations that must be followed in order to avoid costly federal and state fines. We do this by adding this simple process to scrub our leads and your own against the Do Not Call List which allows you to do what you do best, connect with you prospects and clients.

Interested in unlimited scrubbing your leads against the DNC for just $79? Click here to buy now.

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