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SMS Text Messaging Feature

SMS Text Messaging Feature

SalesDialers is releasing a new feature to its dialer. Customers now have the opportunity to send SMS text messages to their leads with our SMS Text Messaging feature. Customers are able to purchase credits towards text messages and are only charged for successful texts delivered. The credits that are not used roll over month to month.

The feature is available to management accounts and is accessible to all agent dialer accounts under the management accounts. Customers have the option to purchase an inbound local number, or they have the option to be randomly assigned a caller ID number. Since it is an inbound number, customers are not able to receive text messages through that phone number. We provide you with a SMS template that lets you create text messages, but you are limited to a 120 character limit. Within the template customers can provide a reply phone number or a clickable hyperlink. Customers have to assign the template to a calling campaign and they can choose to use an individual SMS template or multiple. When someone picks up your call you are able to click send SMS message, which will send your text and then it is logged into your notes. SMS reports are available that provide you with the status of your text messages.

If the video is not viewable please click here to view it on Youtube.


If you’d like this feature to your account click here to choose your plan.

If you need any help or support with our new SMS text messaging feature please call our support team. 1-800-662-4009 EXT 3

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