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The selling environment has changed as of recent and many sales professionals are working from home.  Many of you are likely already doing so, but for others this may be something entirely new and a little unsettling as you may not know where to start.  We’d like to help get you pointed in the right direction with some tools to consider.


Social Media

Social media has revolutionized how we stay in touch with people personally and professionally.  If you’re not that tech savvy or just haven’t jumped on that train yet now is a great time to do so.  There are a lot of social media venues depending on your industry. Setting up an account is easy and if you can read, write and click a mouse you’ll be just fine.  However, if you need help, feel free to Google search how to do anything or ask the closest five-year old as they’re fairly tech savvy, too!



Many sales professionals are old school and work their existing customer and prospects face-to-face and as of now that is a bit more difficult.  CRMdialers give you the ability to 1) contact people quicker via calling, voice mails, sms and emails and 2) manage and nurture your prospects into sales.  Automation and ease of use is key and I believe we do both at a very affordable rate.  


Webinar Software

Now, if you still want to see your prospects (and they want to see you lol), then you’ll want to use the camera on your phone or computer and likely subscribe to a webinar platform like GoTo Meetings, Zoom or a number of other free or low-cost platforms.


Document Sharing

Yes, you still have to complete paperwork!  You’re already doing so via email, but maybe you need options to share larger documents or share documents that can be changed and saved fluidly between individuals or large groups.  Google Docs is a great platform to do so and do it securely and DropBox and Google Drive allow you to share much larger files.


Industry Venues

Do not discount your peers in the industry for knowledge of how to sell from home over the phone.  Many industries have online forums you can use as a resource like ActiveRain for realtors and “” for insurance.


Ask Others

If you are working with any third party companies, ask them what resources they have to assist you in selling remotely over the phone. Ask your company. Ask your industry peers.  There is no reason to reinvent the wheel and there are people that are always happy to help.


Hopefully, you’ve been able to take away at least one thing that will help during these unprecedented times. And if you want to discuss any of these options further, feel free to reach out to us we’re happy to talk things through with you and help in any way we can.  Be safe everyone…

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