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At we pride ourselves in supporting our new and existing customers as well as providing enough information to prospects considering our hosted dialer solutions and other products. We have a variety of resources available for sales and technical support including live chat, phone support and our website which includes videos, sales blogs, a help desk and other resources.

We’ve recently released a series of videos online on our website and YouTube where prospects and customers can view complete demonstrations and training for our dialer as well as key How To videos for frequently asked questions.  (Written by Cory Prado) Going forward it will be an ongoing effort to continue to release How To videos to provide easier methods of communicating answers to your support questions. Some of the videos we’ve recently released include:

Daily demo with
Daily Customer Training with
How to install and set up the soft phone with
How to start making calls and handle incoming calls with
How to record on-hold and answering machine recordings with
How to create a campaign with
How to schedule an appointment with
How to create a CSV file with
How to search and edit contacts and leads, the lead status as well as callback and appointment times with
How to use the Autopause feature to slow down the dialer with

HERE’S HOW WE CAN HELP YOU… subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will be informed of new videos as we release them.

Also, if you ever have any ideas for videos, How To’s or any ways we can better serve you please let us know. Our goal is to continually better our products and services for you and all of our customers. Some of the best ideas we get are from our existing customers so please… keep them coming.

Thank you to our existing customers and those considering our service and best wishes for success in all your future endeavors.
BY: Cory Prado

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