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With each passing year, there is a greater influx of customers who’ve been raised on cutting edge technologies and are fully cognizant of and readily employing the tools at their fingertips. These new customers are doing thorough research before they buy into whether or not a product or service is the right choice for them. They’ve heard all the horror stories and want to know what they’re getting themselves into each time they make a monetary commitment. With all this in mind, customers are changing the way they think about making a purchase. Here are four things the modern customer is looking for more now than ever before when thinking of buying:


Does the product or service fit in to their lives? Does it work alongside the tools they’re already using every day? While modern customers are less afraid than before to change services if they think the grass is greener, it definitely eases the mind to know that starting something new won’t turn into a nightmare of reorganization. No one cares if you have an app but it doesn’t work on their devices, so make sure you’re covering your bases to help prevent missing out on potential business.


This one goes hand-in-hand with compatibility. If they have to use adapters or third party conversion software, you’re not doing your best to make this easy for them. Modern tech giants are all moving towards the one-stop-shop methodology. People are busy all the time these days, with new technology letting them squeeze the most out of every moment. They don’t have the time or energy to solve a series of riddles or to follow a proverbial rabbit hole before they find the solutions to their problems or answers to their questions. Using a transparent, streamlined approach will keep them out of the labyrinth and in your customer base.


Who knows better what the customer needs than themselves? Why limit them to preset package deals and stiff uniformity of service? Give the customer options and input. Let them order express shipping for a fee, or select from list of additional products or warranties. Giving them the power to tailor the experience to themselves enhances the experience as a whole, and ensures your customers are satisfied with what they received at what price. (It also keeps YOU updated on what they like and what’s in demand!)


People want to know what’s going on. They like updates. Instant gratification. Make them feel good about spending their money with you. They want to know when they’re going to get what they paid for. Seeing the package as it travels across the country, readily anticipating opening it up and getting to work. Or, in the case of digital goods, the confirmation e-mail and immediate access to your services.
Don’t leave them in the dark, feeling like they threw a coin into a wishing well. The moment you receive the order, make sure to let them know that you’re making it happen.

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