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Gmail –

It goes without saying that Gmail is one of the most well-known and established free productivity suites currently available. But many aren’t aware that Google has a number of other high-end productivity tools available for free use as well. 

  • Google Drive: A cloud-based storage, file sharing, and collaboration tool that keeps your files organized and secure.
  • Google Voice: Consolidates phone numbers, allows you to manage texts and voicemail side-by-side with your e-mails. You can also place calls through this number via the Google Talk plug-in for Gmail.
  • Google Calendar: Cross-platform synchronizing calendar keeps you updated on upcoming appointments and events.
  • Google AdWords: While AdWords itself isn’t free as an advertising platform, it does provide some very nice analytic tools and software so you can keep watch on what’s been recently successful, and how you personally can improve your web presence in an ever-growing market of online buyers.

Evernote –

You can maintain an even greater grip on the market by staying on top of your to-do list. One of the best tools you can employ is Evernote, a nearly universally compatible task tracking app that syncs between all your devices. 

Canva –

Canva’s web-based graphic design interface is not only sleek, it’s also easy to use. Its library of stock imagery and design options will inspire you to generate beautiful content, be it for your social media advertising, flyer, or website. 

CrashPlan –

Another critically important tool for any business person is a data backup system to ensure in case of an emergency you don’t lose all the hard work you’ve done and information you’ve gathered. CrashPlan is a great security resource, allowing local backups, backups to external hard drives, friends’ computers, or cloud backup. Even better, it does the backup work in the background. You don’t have to manually initiate it each time if you wish, it can be configured to automatically back up all your important folders and documents.

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