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clockguyNo one can deny how difficult telemarketing is. It requires a lot of diligence, but if you remain focused and take the time to hone your skills, you’ll become incredibly successful and earn a lot of money if you are commission based.

But first, you must develop some skills, which is what we’re here to do. The following telemarketing tips covers everything you need:

1. First Impressions

You have only 5-30 seconds to make a first impression when you’re on the phone. You need to prepare ahead and make the best of this opportunity window. If you’re a newbie, you may try writing down a few lightly scripted responses but do not attempt to read verbatim.

2. Don’t Hang Up The Phone Between Breaks

To earn more money, you should be working when you aren’t taking a break. So when every phone call ends, don’t “hang up” the phone. Go from one phone call to the next. This will not only allow you to crank through your leads list, but it will also truly get you in the mood.

3. Cut Your Losses

Time is money. As said in tip number 2, you have between 5-30 seconds to make an impression. This is exactly how long it should take you to decide if it’s a lead for you should pursue or quit. Don’t waste precious time on people you know are not going to become customers. Time is money, so don’t waste it on dead ends.

4. Research The Market To Find Your Own Leads

Personal research can go a long way. Look for the big leads in your industry and just think about those might be interested in your product. Even if a list of leads is provided, it doesn’t hurt to take some initiative to go the extra mile to find your own leads.

5. Don’t Hate The Secretary

This is the person who answers the phone call when you ring a company and chooses whether they should put you through or not. They are like the gatekeeper. Even though they can be very tricky and annoying sometimes, hating them will only sour your relationship.

Instead, make the most of the situation. They have information on whether or not your services are needed, who your competitors are etc.; acquire as much information from them as possible.

6. Don’t Sell To The Gatekeeper

Remember we said the secretary is the gatekeeper in tip number 5. A terrible mistake to make is trying to sell to the gatekeeper, you can almost be certain that you will never partner with that organization. So don’t sell to the gatekeeper, it will never work, and it will ruin your relationship with that business.

7. Follow Up

If you feel a lead is interested but either doesn’t have the time or doesn’t want to decide at the moment, don’t bug them, leave on good terms and follow up with them later. Following up is way more successful than your first call, so this is actually time well spent.

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