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If you aim to make a living from selling, there’s a high probability you’re the type who is constantly looking to improve. Improve strategies, improve efficiency, improve interpersonal relationships… the list goes on. It’s difficult not to feel the pressure in an industry where the competition is fierce and every second counts. In light of that, many often forget that sometimes it can be an improvement to take a step back. Here are a few things that, while not related to sales directly in any way, ultimately will help keep you ahead of the pack.


“We can’t all get along.” A time worn adage it seems only the most patient and kind people can disagree with. People are going to occasionally irk you, hold you up for a few moments too long when you’re already rushing, or struggle with things you find simple. Just remember each time one of these things happens that the person you’re getting frustrated with may very well end up bringing something to your table in the long run. Not only that, one careless or offhanded comment is more than enough to stick in the back of the mind for far longer than whatever frustration you were suffering could possibly continue. And now, you’ve gained a couple seconds of time or momentary satisfaction over the potential of a friend or acquaintance who’d be more than happy to send referrals your way. After all, you’d help them out no questions asked, right? Never forget each word you choose leaves a mark.


What better way to meet new people than to get involved? Go out and volunteer, spending time helping your community not only builds your image but also your sense of self-worth. You could even join a club or smaller community focused around your hobby. Anywhere you can enjoy spending time while meeting people and unwinding is perfect. People are much more open to ideas when they don’t feel like you’re hunting for a sale, and you may once again find yourself with a trove of new recommendation-givers.

Time Efficiency

Make sure you’re squeezing the most you can out of every moment. Challenge yourself to find new ways to cut out excess in your schedule and replace it with something more driving. Do you usually listen to the radio on the way in to the office in the morning, catching that talk show with the latest celebrity gossip? Swap it out for a podcast or audio book. It’s the same story for working out, or cleaning the house. Condense productive time, enhance it. Then, when it’s time to relax, you’ll feel even better.

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