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If you notice insurance prospecting is more difficult than you had imagined, here are a few tips to make your efforts easier and effective.

  1. Present seminars

Seminars are a good insurance prospecting tool because it increases awareness of your products and services. It also shows your expertise on the subject matter and establishes you as an authority, a spokesperson, and consultant in your field.

You can run seminars in two ways:

  • A seminar that you self-promote (this will cost you your personal money up front).
  • Or a seminar hosted by someone else.

If you have limited funds, getting someone else to host the seminar might be a good option. Make the best use of any speaking opportunities. The advantage of promoting your own seminars personally is that it gives you control. You’re in control of the seminar, where it’s held, whom you invite, how long it lasts, and the topic matter covered.


  1. Build An Email List.

There is no way as easy or cheap to build an ongoing relationship with prospects than through email relationships.  All it requires is a basic broadcast email service such as MailChimp, Aweber, or icontact. These three are cheap and quite easy to use.

Put any person, client, or prospect you come in contact with that can help you build your business on your email list with their permission.

Then send your list compelling emails with a good content once per week or 2-3 times in a week. Anything that your list members would find useful or interesting constitutes a good content.

For topics to use in your emails, send success stories such as an email on some common problem your clients have had in the past and how it was solved.  You can also send tips on solving problems. Direct mail sales letters are one of the most efficient, effective ways to prospect for new insurance leads. If your sales letters don’t get opened and read, you’re done. Ensure your sales letters get read by providing interesting contents.

  1. Be a guest on TV and radio shows.

15 minutes of fame can last you an entire career. Yes, that is how powerful and compelling media appearances can be. Your prospects take serious what comes through their radio or television. Here are some tips to land a show.

If what you have to offer the show can satisfy its content needs, then you’ve got a shot to be a guest. Solving a problem, telling the audience something they didn’t know before and appealing to their target audience with appropriate subject matter will get you leads quickly.


  1. Use Every Lead Generation Strategy in the Book.

There is no single great method. However, there are many ways to generate leads. The more you use them, the more leads you will generate.

  • Successful insurance agents recommend building a strong online brand and getting your website a well-positioned spot in search engines.
  • Be specific. While offering more than one insurance coverage diversifies your portfolio and can make you more business, but don’t market yourself as such. Instead, aim to position yourself as a specialist.
  • Use opening lines that create momentum, not friction. What you say during your first interaction with prospects have a greater influence on your success than anything else. It sets the stage for all subsequent interactions. So, start off on the right foot. Aim to pique their curiosity and build enough momentum to spur continued conversation.


What other prospecting methods do you find effective? Please share your insights and thoughts with us in the comment box below.


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