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Although RinglessMessages and SlyBroadcast offer many similar features, theĀ small differences between our services have a large impact on the value of what our customers are getting for their money. While SlyBroadcast is a quality service, RinglessMessages offers more at a lower price. Beyond our significantly more cost effective pricing, we also offer a number of other services geared specifically towards salespeople that you can implement to increase your salesĀ productivity. Some of these include the mobile data we offer directly through RinglessMessages,Ā our multi-line dialer CRM solutions (, as well as our consumer and business lead data services ( Take a look at the side-by-side comparison of some of the key features and price points between RinglessMessages and SlyBroadcast below!



Ā RinglessMessagesĀ 

Ā SlyBroadcast

Data Upload Yes Yes
Scheduling Campaigns Yes Yes
Detailed Reporting Yes Yes
Customized Caller ID Yes Yes
No Charge to Clients Yes Yes
Offers Data Yes No
Charge for Incomplete Calls No No
High Volume Delivery Yes Yes





2000 Deliveries $79.00 $100.00
6000 Deliveries $199.00 $250.00
16000 Deliveries $399.00 $500.00

Pay As You Go

100 Deliveries $7.00 $10.00
500 Deliveries $29.00 $40.00
1000 Deliveries $49.00 $60.00
5000 Deliveries $199.00 $225.00
10000 Deliveries $299.00 $400.00

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